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Chantilly Lace and a Pretty Face
by Lynnette Hallberg

“I didn’t agree. I never agreed,” Josie argued.

“Too bad,” Stone replied. “You’re now officially my wife.”

He stiffened as a white limo pulled to the curb. The door opened, and a bright, cheerful blond in a form-fitting wedding gown stepped out, waving at him.

Stone’s stomach hit the platform. Ten to one, Alice Wilson, his intended bride, had just arrived. His really, really late bride! His now-jilted bride, he realized as he swiveled toward the pale woman beside him. No. Not the woman. His wife.

He knew, with chilling certainty, he’d made a catastrophic mistake! Josephine Elizabeth Holland had protested in truth. This woman with eyes the color of new spring leaves was not the woman he’d paid to marry him today.

Panicked eyes met Tony’s at the back of the crowd. He nodded in the direction of the car and bride, saw his friend’s eyes widen with the same dread. He nearly dropped to the ground in gratitude as his lawyer and friend put an arm around the blond and hustled her back into the car.

Knowing full well he’d end up paying the piper, he figured he might as well enjoy the perks. The sun slanted over the mountain and formed a halo around his new wife.

Where had she come from?

Heaven. An angel had dropped from Heaven, he thought, just before he gave himself up to the deliciousness of her. He bent his dark head and nibbled her neck. This was the most exquisite, the sweetest tasting woman he’d ever met.

Like a little kid in a candy store, he wanted more. But there were always consequences for indulging in too many sweets.

Or too many brides. And two was definitely too many.

Two too many.

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