Enchanted Evening
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Enchanted Evening
by Lynnette Hallberg

She threw the door open and stared, dumbstruck. The most gorgeous man she’d ever seen was standing on her front porch. Dressed in a black tux, a single red rose in hand, his blond hair glistened beneath her porch light.

Her breath rushed from her. If this was her prince, she owed her fairy godmother big time. She blinked. He was still there.

The tiny part of her brain that still functioned warned her he had to have the wrong address. No way was he here for her!

He opened the screen door. “Brianna?”

She nodded wordlessly, unable to speak.

“Here I am.” He turned his wrist to check his watch. “And on time, too. Heard we had a ball to attend. I’m yours for the night.” A hint of mischief laced the enigmatic words.

Yours for the night. The words echoed in her mind. Fantasies flew hot and heavy.


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