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Moonlight, Motorcycles, and Bad Boys
by Lynnette Hallberg

The door thumped shut behind Katie Sara, and she rushed into the night, frantically trying to remember where she’d parked her car. A warm, strong hand caught her arm, spinning her around.

The sizzle threatened a core meltdown.

“Still runnin’, Ace?” Reiner asked.

“Let go of me!” She yanked her arm out of his grasp.

“What the hell’s wrong with you? They approved your contract unanimously—and rather shame-facedly, I might add.”

“What’s wrong with me?” Eyes blazing, she jabbed him in the chest. “How dare you! Daddy stole money. Only money. You stole my pride tonight.”

Disbelieving, he stared at her in the deepening twilight. For a fraction of an instant, he wondered if she had any idea how damn beautiful she was...wondered if she knew the streetlight shone through her gauzy dress, outlining that gorgeous body.

In the next instant, his own temper flared. He poked her in the chest. Watched with satisfaction her stunned amazement.

She took a step back. He took a step forward.

“Your daddy stole one whole hell of a lot more than money, sugar. He stole your hometown. Your friends. Damaged you in other people’s eyes.”

When she opened her mouth to speak, he laid a finger over her lips. “Whatever you’re gonna say, don’t. I burned quite a few of my own bridges here in this town. But because I’m able to toss a football around, the good people of Paradox aren’t makin’ me eat charred crow. At least, not most of them.”

He tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. Was debating the wisdom of leaning down and kissing her all better when she flinched and pulled away.

Knowing he didn’t really have any intentions of going there this trip, he backed off. Katie Sara was past history. Best he remembered that.

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