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Night Shadows
by Lynnette Hallberg

Warm, sultry Louisiana nights, a sexy-to-her-stilettoed-toes blues singer, one hot-under-the-collar fireman, and a vengeful arsonist. Explosions guaranteed!

New Orleans, the Big Easy—until your life and family are threatened. Suspicious fires have struck Torey Hart’s family twice in two years, and her father tops arson-investigator Lieutenant Jack Stevens’ suspect list.

As Jack probes for evidence to prove Hart guilty, his feelings for Torey complicate the investigation. Feelings can have no place in his profession, and he works equally hard to avoid them in his personal life.

And yet, the blaze that destroyed Torey’s home and her father’s business is nothing compared to the heat, the sizzle that ignites between himself and Torey.

The true arsonist creeps ever closer, and the danger becomes deadly. Can Torey stay alive long enough, and lure Jack close enough to teach him to love and trust again?


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